Turf Equipment

Innovative turf equipment products created to greatly reduce the time you spend cleaning a green after aeration. Will save money by eliminating the labor intensive process of backfilling aerated greens. Developed by a superintendent. Ideal for users from top of the line golf courses down to contractors doing domestic lawn work.


SWEEP-N-FILL II  by Dream Turf
Achieve the perfectly groomed appearance you demand with the SWEEP-N-FILL II.
This ground driven unit accomplishes superior results by mimicking push-broom action. Gently lifts leaf blades with a flicking bristle motion while moving sand into airfield holes and to the crown of the plant.

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This same push-broom action has proven to be a fantastic grooming tool. Regular use before mowing, once every 2-3 weeks, will remove grain and has increased stimp-meter reading up to 1 foot. Lateral shoots are lofted, turf canopy opened up, producing superior putting surfaces. Leaf blades have more vertical orientation which promote dense, finer blades and a more perfectly groomed appearance.

See the benefits for Yourself! Sweep-N-Fill

  • Significant time and labor savings
  • Faster recovery of aerified turf
  • Eliminates bruising and turf injury
  • Removes grain from putting surface
  • Fills aerified holes in only 2-3 passes
  • Places top dressing sand to crown of plant
  • 25% - 35% less sand required to fill aerified holes
  • Provides fastest clean up of aerified green ever
  • Terrific grooming tool
  • Lifts lateral shoots and matted turf
  • Reduces need for verticutting and vertical grooming
  • Promotes upright growth of leaf blades
  • Provides superior putting surfaces
  • Opens turf canopy
  • Artificial turf (Stands Up Turf, Redistributes Infill Material)
  • More effective than drag brushes
  • Gentle to turf blades
  • Heavy frame provides enough weight to eliminate tire skidding
  • 4" to 5" ground clearance in transport mode
  • Multiple adjustment of brushes from tickling turf to aggressive brushing
  • Brushes float with contour of ground
  • Prevents gas and oil leaks (ground driven)
  • Can be pulled by golf cart or light truckster


Air Force Hover Mower
Air Force Hover Mowers were designed based on a simple manufacturing principle. When you use the best materials, the most advanced engineering, and manufacturing techniques available, the product will be the best on the market. That is what makes Air Force Hover Mowers fly above the competition. Air Force offers the most blade options on the market, including the newly patented steel blade option, and is backed by the manufacturer by a one-year limited warranty. Air Force Hover Mowers not only maximize the value of your investment in your equipment, it also efficiently maximizes the time and effort put into your turf care needs.
Air Force Hover Mowers are powered by the industry standard Honda GCV-160 4-stroke engine, specifically designed for continuous inclined operation. Honda’s Dual Lube dipper-and-cam-belt oil transport system maintains positive lubrication on the most demanding slopes. A high-performance fuel pump ensures constant fuel delivery regardless of degree of incline.
     1. Padded handles for comfort.
     2. 53" handle for maximum reach.
     3. 7-point engine mount with steel insert reinforcement.
     4. Extra thick handle mounts are set low & wide for better stability.
     5. 14" impeller – taller for increased lift.
     6. ABS-injected molded plastic deck (coasted for UV & chemical resistance).
     7. Heavy gauge steel handles.
     8. OPC & blade brake for maximum safety.


GBS 1200  Verticutter

Designed specifically for flat turf areas, this rugged and simple machine is ideal for cricket wickets, tennis courts, tee boxes, sports fields and many other fine turf areas.

Available in offset or central mounting options this versatile machine is a groundsmans best friend.

  • Drive Belts AX40: 6 per machine
  • Gearbox Comer T27A Increasing Gearbox
  • Tractor 18hp+
  • Tyres 4.10/3.5-4 Tube Slick Tyres
  • 4 per machine
  • Precision bearing in wheel rims
  • Cutting Depth Variable from 0 to 45mm (1¾")
  • Standard Cutting Reel 39 blades;210mm diameter with 2mm tip width at 30mm spacing
  • Cutting Width 1.2m (48")
  • Width 1.54m (61")
  • Length 1.05m (41")
  • Height 1m (39")
  • Weight 280kgs (620lbs)
  • Options Blades; choice of 1,2 or 3mm tip width Spacings; other options available
  • GS04  Verticutter

This unit is our most tried and tested machine. Ideal for users from top of the line golf courses down to contractors doing domestic lawn work, the manouverability, simplicity and ruggedness of this machine has made it our best seller.
Available with different blade widths and spacings, this machine can be used for many purposes.

  • Engine Honda GX390 / Unleaded petrol
  • Drive HYDROSTATIC / Forward/Reverse / Variable speed
  • Wheels Front - 15 x 6.00-6 Tube type
  • Rear - 150mm (6") solid rubber
  • Cutting Depth Variable from 0 to 45mm (1¾")
  • Cutting Width 400mm (16")
  • Standard Cutting Reel 15 blades; 190mm diameter with 2mm tip width at 26mm spacings
  • Width 840mm (33")
  • Length 1500mm (59")
  • Height 1040mm (41")
  • Weight 165kg
  • Options Blades: 1,2 or 3mm tip width Other blade spacings available

SW04 Swing-Wing Verticutter
The Swing-Wing Verticutter is ideal for Golf fairways and can be used on greens as well.
The articulated wings enable the machine to closely follow the contours of the ground and avoid any scalping of your precious turf.

  • Drive Belts A47 Super 2 Series; 8 per machine
  • Gearbox Comer T27A Increasing Gearbox
  • Tractor 25hp+
  • Tyres 4.10/3.5-4 Tube Slick Tyres
  • 8 per machine
  • Precision bearings in wheel rims
  • Cutting Depth Variable from 0 to 45mm (1¾")
  • Cutting Width 1.5m (59")
  • Standard Cutting Reel 29 blades; 210mm diameter with 2mm tip width at 52mm spacings
  • Width 1.76m (69")
  • Length 1.54m (61")
  • Height 0.95m (37")
  • Weight 240kg (530lbs)
  • Options Larger rear wings giving operating width of 2.1m (82") Blades; choice of 1,2 or 3mm tip width Other blade spacings available


CSI CONTOUR  Sand Injector Verticutter
The introduction of the new Graden Contour Sand Injection machine moves verticutting to a new level.
With sand injected into the thatch profile up to a depth of 40mm (1 1/2") directly behind the verticutting blade, the surface is instantly firmed up which improves healing times and provides an ideal environment for seed.
By accurately filling the grooves right to the top, this ensures the top dressing is situated exactly where it needs to be. So don't just groove it, fill it!

  • Engine Honda GX620 V-Twin
  • Drive HYDROSTATIC / Forward/Reverse / Variable speed
  • Wheels Front - 16x 6.50 - 8 Tube type
  • Rear - 9 x 3.5-4 Tube type
  • Cutting Depth Variable from 40mm (0-1 1½")
  • Cutting Width 525mm (21")
  • Standard Cutting Reel 17 blades; 210mm diameter with 2mm tip width at 30mm spacings
  • Width 890mm (35")
  • Length 1250mm (50")
  • Height 1100mm (44")
  • Weight 290kgs (640lbs)
  • Hopper Capacity 100kg (220lbs)
  • Options Blades; 1,2 or 3mm tip width


GSR 1200  Green Roller
The Graden GSR 1200 Greens Roller is a great new addition to Graden's range of machines.
Features like the built-in trailer, universal tow hitch, dual drive chain and operator friendly steering make it a good machine...the overlapping steering heads with split rollers make it a revolutionary one!
The overlapping heads mean there is no "line" left between the two heads which can be seen on opposition machines, whilst the split rollers make the steering lighter and means there is no chance of the rollers 'tearing' the grass whilst turning.

  • Engine Honda GX200
  • Roll Width 1.22 m (48")
  • No. of Smoothing Rolls 4 x 88mm (3½") diameter.
  • Drive Roller Vulcanized Rubber / 762mm x 165mm (30" x 6½") diameter
  • Weight 249kg (550lbs)
  • Compaction (PSI) 3.75
  • Trailer Inbuilt
  • Transmission Hydrogear
  • Seat Adjustable (Operator Comfort)
  • Contour Follow Yes
  • Steering Wheel (light)
  • Maximum Speed 10 kph